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Skills Details

Project Management

Scope Management

Schedule Management

Cost Management

Quality Management

Human Resources Management

Communications Management

Procurement Management

Risk Management

Stakeholder Management

Operation & Maintenance Management

Construction Management

Scheduling and Planning

I use Primavera P6 to handle the scheduling and planning of the projects/tasks I am responsible of.

Cost Management

Earned Value Analysis, Cost Estimating, Pricing, Cost-Benefit Analysis

Startup & Commissioning

Risk Management

Risk Management, SWOT Analysis

Pipe Fabrication Management

Interpersonal Skills

Reselient, Negotiation skills, Crisis Management, Time Management, Process Improvement, Conflict Management, Problem Solver, Patient, Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication, Hard Worker, Creative, highly determined, Leadership, Public Speaking and Presentation, Active Listener, Read Body Language, Innovative Researcher, Team Player and Emotionally Intelligent.

Document Management

Document Management, Electronically and Manually Filing Structure

Software Skills

Microsoft Office (Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Word); Project Management & Scheduling Tools (TRELLO; Primavera P6); Adobe Premiere Pro (Video Editor); Photoshop; CAMTASIA (Screen Video Capture), AUTOCAD 2D & 3D, HAP

Technical Skills

Chillers, HVAC, Fire Protection, U/G Utilities and Plumbing, Simple and Combined Cycle Power Plant Projects, Water Treatment Plants, Gas and Steam Turbines and HRSG, Metallic and Non-Metallic Piping Installation, Alloy Piping Welding and Heat Treatment, Hydrostatic and Pneumatic Testing, ASME,P&ID and Process Piping, Pipe Spooling Management, Material Take Off, Flushing and Chemical Cleaning and Steam Blowing

Web Development Skills

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap4, AngularJS, VueJS, SQL, PHP, Wordpress, Laravel

Business Management

  • Business Management (Value Creation, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service & Business Development).
  • Micro-Economics, Macro Economics and Finance & Capital Markets.
  • Geo-Economics & Political Science.
  • Business Modelling, Business Plan & Feasibility Studies.


I had in house trainings in the following : Job Safety Analysis, Hazard Identification and Control, Lifting and Rigging, Permit to Work-Lock Out Tag Out (PTW-LOTO), Gas Testing, Construction Safety, Electrical Hazards Prevention Program, Heat Stress, Scaffolding Safety, Supervisor’s Safety, Safety in Tools, Emergency Evacuation Response and Fire Drills, Working in Confined Spaces and Slips, Trips and Falls Prevention.


Marwan Berjawi

Sr.Mechanical Engineer/Web Developer

Saudi Arabia , Jeddah




I am a Mechanical Engineer with 10 years of experience who had the opportunity to play major and significant roles in several turnkey Power, O&G and MEP projects in the Saudi Arabia Kingdom.... I am a team player that is good at solving problems with excellent communication and negotiation skills who is always looking for methods to improve the team’s productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. I am responsible, intelligent and I am eager to be challenged in order to grow and improve my interpersonal, managerial and technical skills. Able to work under pressure, handle clients and customers complaints and solve problematic situations to reach business objectives.
Through out the last 4 years I invested my time in learning many new things and I discovered my passion in Learning Web Development Programming Languages.
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Key Skills

Construction 90%

Commissioning 90%

Project Management 90%

Operations & Maint. 80%

Web Dev Languages & Frameworks

HTML 95%

CSS3 90%

Javascript 75%

jQuery 80%

Bootstrap4 95%

W3CSS 90%

PHP 70%

MySQL/PHP MyAdmin 90%

Wordpress 65%

Laravel 70%

AngularJS 70%

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Spoken Languages




My Photography


Engineering Design Digital Marketing Business&Entrepreneurship Social Media Web Development HVAC Project Management Risk Management Cost Management Football Swimming Photography

Work Experience

Web Developer / Freelancer
Aug 2016 - Current

I am a self-learner and during the last 4 years and so far I have deep expertise and hands on experience with Web Applications and programming languages such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap4, PHP, SQL, Laravel, Wordpress and API's. I have a strong understanding of UI, cross-browser compatibility, general... web functions and standards. I have high communication skills that will help me to work effectively in teams and elicit requirements from Clients & stakeholders.
I was responsible for designing, coding and modifying websites, from layout to function and according to the clients' specifications. I enjoy solving technical problems and I always strive to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation. I use advanced softwares to plan and schedule my work to succesfully define the scope and deliver the projects on time.
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My Latest Web Development Projects:

Sr. Mechanical Engineer / Arabian Bemco Contracting
Mar 2010 - Current

Assignments at BEMCO

Experience at BEMCO
  • Help maintaining a robust corporate Strategy to grow, develop, strengthen our presence in the market and expand more in the Power & O&G Fields.
  • Review and evaluate the Invitation for Bid Documents (PTS, SOW, Drawings and other contract documents) to prepare the technical queries to be clarified by the Clients.
  • Attend Job Explanation Meetings with Client and other Competitors.
  • Compile the Lessons Learned from all the disciplines and Project Management teams of the previous and ongoing Projects and incorporate it in the pricing and estimating activities of the new projects invited by Clients.
  • Prepare ERPs (Equipment Requisition Packages) to send RFQs to the potential suppliers for the new Projects.
  • Attending meetings, brain storming sessions with the Proposal team to identify the major and minor risks of the potential projects under bid and incorporate their impact on the overall cost & schedule prior to submitting the official bidding Price to Clients.
  • Team up with the Company Leaders and Projects’ Teams to oversee the projects progress on daily basis, control the schedule, budget and cost to complete and improve the efficiency of the site performance to reduce, limit the overrun cost and expedite the completion of the closeout activities.
  • Expediting Material Orders as per Priority set and agreed with Projects Teams, answer Technical Queries and resolve technical & commercial issues.
  • Attend Close out meetings with the Clients and the Suppliers to discuss the status of the remaining payments and expediting the release of the remaining PACs and FACs.
  • Planning, executing and leading the Commissioning and start up activities.
  • Engage the key stakeholders (Client’s Inspectors and consultants, system vendors and the project team) by conducting daily meetings, discussions and sharing opinions to update the progress and to get them involved into the major planning and execution activities and help resolving all the outstanding engineering issues affecting the progress.
  • Review, read and update the Commissioning Procedures, Project related Documents (O&M Manuals, Training Manuals, Drawings, P&IDs, SLDs, Contracts etc...) for all the Systems and ensure that documentation and procedures are in place and approved.
  • Follow up with Construction team the progress and guide them for not to fall behind the schedule and ensure they are working as per the project’s priority.
  • Ensure proper inspection documentations are prepared and submitted to Client prior commencing any related T&C Activities.
  • Declare systems to be LIVE/under TEST and ensuring commissioning activities/energize of systems are carried out in a safe controlled manner and that approved LOTO Systems are in place and implemented.
  • Witness the Commissioning tests and milestone activities and raise inspection requests for work completed.
  • Attend Daily Coordination Meetings with the Commissioning Team and Client and Submit the commissioning and Progress reports on daily basis.
  • Update the Progress to the Planning and Cost Department.
  • Close coordination and follow up with the Designers and Engineering teams for the project’s Purchase Orders to crosscheck the ordered material versus the Global MTO for the work quantities (U/G Piping, Equipment, Steel Structure, A/G Piping, Valves, Specialty Items, painting, insulation, cladding works, Pipe Labelling, Flow Direction Arrows and Pipe Supports) and coordinate with all vendors to comply with their contractual commitments in delivering the material and technical documents to site.
  • Collecting the requirements of construction teams and managing the additional material, consumables, testing equipment, heavy equipment and tools orders.
  • Provide technical assistance to my team related to the Scope, Schedule, Work and Area Priorities, P&IDs, ITPs, PTS and provide them with all other Drawings and Documents required for work execution.
  • Analyse the need and create Field Work Shops for pre-assembly, bending, pipe threading, pipe spooling and supports shop fabrication, painting and insulation works.
  • Directly manage and execute the works and distribute the planned activities to the erection groups and monitor their achieved work on daily basis.
  • Resolve Design and Engineering Problems in coordination with Engineering.
  • Define the Boundaries for the Hydrostatic Packages prior to documentation preparation.
  • Perform Inspection and witness tests of works in progress on a continuing basis as per stated in ITPs.
  • Complete Final P&ID Checks and close all Main Punch Items prior to Mechanical Completion and turnover to the Commissioning.
  • Create Red Marked As-Built Drawings, and required field sketches for providing a complete layouts and material lists for all the systems after its mechanical completion.
  • Updating the Progress to both Planning and Cost Control Departments.

Projects at BEMCO

PP10 Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Station (PP10CCGT), 3600MW Plant consists of 10 power generating Blocks Generate Approximately 3600MW, each Block: 4 x GT (GE – 7EA) + 4 x HRSG (NEM) + 1 x STG (GE) + 1 x ACC, Air Cooled Condenser (supplied by Research-Cottrell Dry Cooling – RCDC) + 1 DEMIN Plant (WETICO)


QURAYYAH II Combined Cycle Power Plant (QCCPP), 3900MW Plant consists of six power generating Blocks Generate Approximately 3900MW, each Block: 3 x GT (GE - 7FA) + 3 x HRSG (DOOSAN) + 1 x STG (GE frame D11). MSF desalination plant (Doosan) and DEMIN plant (Siemens) & REMIN plant (Veolia) and hypo chlorination plant.

In addition to the Housing Project at QCCPPII: The Project consists of 10 Villas and 16 Apartments required for the O&M Staff of the QURAYYAH Power Plant Project. The Scope includes completion of Building Services Systems (HVAC, Fire Protection, Plumbing and Drainage).


QASSIM Power Plant Extension III , 480 MW Plant consists of 8 GT (GE - 7FA) + DEMIN Plant (WETICO)


Expansion of King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah. The Scope is three Load Centers A, B & C providing the New Expansion Premises with Power (Diesel Generators) and required Utility Systems (HVAC, Fire Protection, Potable Water and other auxiliary systems).


Key Achievements
  • Successful Completion and Handing Over of the Housing Project at QCCPPII that consists of 10 Luxurious Villas and 16 Apartments. Scope included all Mechanical Services Systems: HVAC, Fire Protection and Plumbing.
  • Accomplishing ahead of schedule the Construction of 3 Multi Stage Flash Desalination Plant of 4,000 m3/day 3x50% streams and the Electro-Chlorination System essential for the Operation of QURAYYAH CCPP.
  • Defining the Boundaries of the Hydrostatic Test Packages for the BOP Systems in coordination with Vendors’ Boundaries (GE, NEM, RCDC and WETICO) in Riyadh PP10 Combined Cycle Project.
  • Successful Coordination of the engineering, procurement, fabrication, painting and delivery of PP10CC Project 8200 Pipe Spools including Alloy Piping(150000 Dia. Inches).
  • Fabrication and Installation of temporary Piping required for Steam Blowing, Chemical Cleaning, CCW and Lube Oil Flushing in PP10CC Project.
  • Completion of the start-up and Commissioning activities necessary for the Steam Blowing and STG Synchronization Milestones in a record time in several blocks in PP10CC Project including STG, HRSG, Diverter Damper, CCW and Fire Fighting.
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Operations Engineer / Averda
Jun 2009 - Mar 2010
  • Managing the operation of SUKOMI Waste Treatment and Recycling Plant and supervising a team of 10 Foremen and over a hundred workers by ensuring their proper productivity, efficiency and appearance of subordinates.
  • Working according to the adopted operational plan to reach their daily production targets.
  • Monitoring the Performance and Efficiency of the teams and submitting daily reports to the Plant Manager.
  • Enforcing and adhering to proper safety policies, measures and practices.
  • Monitoring and supervising the process and the adopted operational plan inside the Plant and calling upon maintenance for equipment repair by the concerned technical personnel via the corresponding Managers.
  • Read more

Sales Engineer / KARL STORZ
July 2008 – Oct 2008
  • Technical Representations of the Product.
  • Learning about KARLSTORZ’s competitors in the Endoscopy Field.
  • Interpreting the Client’s Requirements, Client’s Quotations Preparation and managing their Queries.

HVAC Engineer / SABECO & Partners
May 2008 – July 2008
  • Site Visits
  • Shop drawings
  • Execution and Supervision of HVAC Units


Heriot Watt
2019 - 2021 [In Progress]

Master Degree in Business Administration

Beirut Arab University
2004 - 2009

Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering


PMI-PMP License#1787395
Jan 2015(Valid till 2021)

Project Management Certificate provided by PMI , USA

PMI-RMP License#1811023
Apr 2015 (Valid till 2021)

Risk Management Professional Certificate provided by PMI , USA

CCP [In Progress]

Certification of Cost Professional provided by AACEI , USA

GE-SC4 STG Operation Certificate #2018-R0135

Course of GE-SC4 Steam Turbine Operation Certificate #2018-R0135 (60 Hours Diploma) Jan 2018 provided by RENOVE TECHNOLOGIA S.L. , Spain

Mechanical Building Services and Equipment
Mar 2009

Certification of Mechanical Building Services and Equipment provided by Community Services & Continuing Education Center CCC, BAU Lebanon

Primavera Project Planner
Oct 2008

Certification of Primavera Project Planner, 30 hours Lectures provided by Architect and Engineering Order of Beirut , Lebanon

Mechanical and Electrical System of Automobile
Oct 2005

Certification of Mechanical and Electrical System of Automobile provided by Community Services & Continuing Education Center CCC , BAU Lebanon

Udemy Certificates

provided by Udemy , USA



Mohammad Saleh

Lead Engineer TFA at FieldCore

I had the pleasure to work with Engineer Marwan in the last 2 years in Riyadh PP10CC Project. Marwan is managing all the Mechanical Activities in the STG Areas starting from construction completion... up to STG Synchronization and Performance Testing. I was particularly impressed by his ability to handle even the toughest problems. That skill often takes years to develop among power plants commissioning professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to him . Marwan would be an asset to any team. Read more


Asif Khan

CEO at MIEC Engineering Services.

Working with Marwan as a part of the Project Management Team was a great experience. Marwan was always a great contributor, hard working professional in project coordination during erection and commissioning stage of the project. ...He will be valuable addition to any organization he works. Read more


Omar Jaroudy

Facilities Leader at Cummins Arabia.

I worked with Marwan indirectly for almost a year as he was part PMT at PP10 Project before moving to Commissioning.Marwan is a highly committed, systematic, organized, and results-oriented professional... engineer.Marwan is an efficient problem solver and a loyal, cooperative, and dynamic team member. He has added great value to PP10 team and positively contributed to the Project achievements.I highly recommend him. Read more


Youssef Fawaz

Sr.Project Manager at NOWA

It is my pleasure to write this recommendation to Marwan. The latter is one of the most professional engineers I have ever worked with.He has all the skills and capabilities that would make him able to handle any assignment....Marwan has excellent leadership, managerial, communication and interpersonal skills.He is passionate about his job and always eager to learn new things and advance himself in both the technical and the managerial fields.I really like how Marwan has set a clear road map for his career with Milestones of his advancements.Continue being strong and Agile, I expect for you a bright future.Best of luck. Read more


Mohammad Abdil Sattar Farhat

Sr. T&C Engineer at BEMCO

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Marwan in the past 3 years at the PP10CC Project. Marwan managed successfully the Mechanical Testing and Commissioning Activities... in several areas in the Project especially in the Diverter Damper &STG Area . Marwan is a highly qualified engineer that has a lot of deep technical background that I strongly recommend for employers to hire him.Also Marwan is Certified PMP,PMI-RMP. Read more


Khaled ElSehrawi

Zone Commissioning Manager at BEMCO

Marwan is very passionate and has great vision for his work. Marwan worked with me in PP10CC Project and he accomplished successfully several critical activities including STG, HRSG and Diverter Damper Start Up and Commissioning in several zones.... Marwan is competent in both managerial and technical skills and I strongly recommend Marwan for commissioning and managerial positions. Read more


Ahmad Attiah

Lead Engineer TFA at GE.

Marwan is a very knowledgeable professional with many years of experience as a Power Mechanical Engineer. He has a great knowledge in both simple and combined cycle power plants construction... and commissioning and in the electromechanical equipment. Marwan is a good listener and excellent in negotiation and project management. I strongly recommend him to anybody. Read more


  • Project Management Institute, 2015
  • Saudi Council of Engineers, 2010-2019
  • Lebanese Architect and Engineering Order, 2009-2019